Class on Tuesday 9.10.13

Old Business

Before we start the new material I want to go over:

  • Turning in the Assignment
  • Access to Blackboard
  • Access to lab computers

New Material

Today we are going to dive deeper into HTML. We will cover the topics listed in this presentation, but most of what you do will be writing HTML. So if you miss the class, the presentation alone won’t be enough to cover what you miss.

Everything we cover is also in the book and we should get through Chapters 2, 3 and 4 this week (we already started Ch. 2 last week).

If Sublime Text is working I will use that to demonstrate on-screen and I may also show you how you can intall it on your USB drive. That version is called the “portable” version and only works on Windows computers.

Sublime Text 2 Downloads

Sublime Text 3 Downloads


Here is our presentation. Depending on how long things take us it may be for both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
view online

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