Assignment 2: Biography Mini Site

Assignment 2 Biography Mini Site

This assignment extends Assignment 1. So make sure that you complete assignment 1 first.

What to do

  1. Create a folder named MMP100-Assignment2-YourName where you replace YourName with your name.
  2. Put your HTML file from assignment 1 in this folder. If it is not named index.html then change the name to index.html
  3. Create a new file named sites.html
    • add the basic html elements for a page
    • add a heading with text “Sites I Use or Admire”
    • add a list of at least 3 web sites you use a lot or really like for some reason. Make sure you add a link (<a> element ) to each of them.
  4. Create a new file named favorites.html
    • add the basic html elements for a page
    • add a heading with the text “My Favorites”
    • add a list of at least 3 favorite things. It’s up to you what kinds of things you want to add.q
  5. Add navigation to all three pages. This should be a nav element with an unordered lists and the pages (index.html, sites.html and favorites.html) as the list items. The navigation should be the same on each page and in the same place on the page.
  6. 2 Bonus points if you add a definition list to one of the pages.
  7. All HTML you add on every page must be valid and semantic.

Turning it in

To turn in this assignment zip the folder you used to keep the files and then upload that folder to Assignment 2 on Blackboard

Due Date

This assignment is due on Thursday, September 19

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