Uploading files with FTP and Filezilla

There are a number of different programs which allow you to use the FTP protocol. The one we will use in class is Filezilla. It is free and is available on both Mac OSX and Windows. You can download it here if you don’t have it at home yet.

In order to use FTP we need three pieces of information:

  1. The Host, which for all of you is: mmp.bmcc.cuny.edu
  2. The Username, this was given to you last class and is some version of your first and last names
  3. The Password, this was also given to you in class.

If you don’t remember your username or password I can give it to you, but please put it somewhere that you will be able to remember it.

Here is the process for uploading files.

  1. Open Filezilla

  2. Enter your login information (Host, username, Password) and click QuickConnect

  3. You should see this message if you connect successfully

  4. When you are logged in you will see the folders and files on the server on the right panel. The first time it will be blank. On the left panel select the folder that contains the files or folders you want to upload. I suggest creating a BMCC-Server or MMP-Server folder that will contain all of the content you want to put on the server

  5. To upload a folder or file, first make sure you are in the correct place in both panels (local and server), then right click the file or folder on the local (left) side and select Upload.

  6. You can see the progress in the bottom window.

If you make changes to files or folder names or locations outside of filezilla, there is a refresh button you can click to update:

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