Class on Tuesday 10.1.13 CSS Navigation and Positioning

Today we are going to finish up with the CSS we didn’t cover on Thursday of last week.

I’m going to recommend that instead of continuing to use my example files that you work with your assignment files today.

Last class we went through much of what you need to know to complete assignment 3┬áThe one thing that we haven’t covered yet is how to style the navigation. We will cover that today and then give you some time to work on your projects


I’m creating a separate post on Navigation so you can come back to it easier in the future. All of the navs you do in this class, and on most web sites, will basically use this model.

Navigation Post

Defining Sections of the page

Now you have almost everything you need to present a complete web page. All you really have left are the header and footer elements to learn. I’ve created a post on what the basic sections of the page are

Basic Page Sections

Reading and Videos

Watch the second CSS Video:
This one covers the basic styles for text elements on the page.

Read these Chapters to learn more about styling elements with CSS.

  • 11: CSS color
  • 12: CSS Text styling
  • 13: CSS Box styling

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