Class on 11.19.13

Layout files from in class

This week we are going to take another look at CSS Layouts and then on Thursday do some of the prep requirements for the Final Project.

Final Project Overview

On Thursday we will go over some more details of the final but today we are going to look at the major requirements:

  • Pages: At least 4 pages
  • Content must be different than the midterm.
  • You must attribute all media used: text, images, audio, video. Even if you create that media yourself.
  • Must use at least one audio or video element. The element must have controls and not start playing automatically
  • The SAME header must be on each page. Same text in the heading, same html
  • The same navigation must be on each page. The navigation must be in a nav element and an unordered list in that.
  • The same footer must be on each page.
  • The layout on each page must be at least two columns. It can change slightly from page to page, but the header, nav and footer need to stay the same.
  • The homepage must be named index.html
  • You must use a reset.css stylesheet

On Thursday we will go over some of the documentation requirements like sitemaps, wireframes, proposals and the creative brief.


Download these files. We will go over them in detail in class.

box-sizing: border-box

This is something that make it easier to calculate layouts. We’ll look at the files below and also the Layout examples for how it works.

Older browsers don’t do HTML5. We will look at how we uses this in the Layout files to help it work.


For now it is easiest to just use Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset. Visit the link below and do a save as in your browser and save to your css folder.

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