Plan for rest of semester

Plan for the rest of the semester

Thursday 11.21

We will talk about sitemaps, wireframes, proposals and the creative brief. We will also spend some time going over layouts.

Tuesday 11.26

remember there is no class on Thursday 11.28 due to thanks giving
In class we will go over wireframes and sitemaps on Tuesday and give you time to complete the assignment.


Proposal with Sitemap and wireframes Due 

Tuesday 12.3 and Thursday 12.5

Tuesday 12.3 we will go over the process for converting your wireframe ideas into HTML and CSS.

Thursday 12.5 you will have time to work on those and start to bring your site to life.

Friday 12.5

First Page due. You will submit at least one page of your site 

Tuesday 12.10 and Thursday 12.12

This week is a kind of workshop week for your final projects. Most of the time on both days you will be able to work on your projects. I may do some short lectures on topics that are either ones people need help with or extras that are optional to add to your pages.

Friday 12.13

First Full draft due. You will submit the first version of your site. with as much styling and content as possible 

Finals Week Tuesday 12.17 and Thursday 12.19

Tuesday, 12.17 will be an optional day. Attendance is not required. You can come in and get help on your projects or study for other finals

Thursday 12.19

Final. Attendance is mandatory. You MUST come to class to turn in and present your final projects. 

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